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FungiTech Sdn. Bhd. (1478611-H) is a Malaysia based company founded on September, 2022 that involves in research and development, cultivation, improvement and marketing of fungus, which includes edible and medicinal mushrooms, as well as a wide range of mushroom-based products. Previously, we are operated under company Eko Agro Biotech Sdn. Bhd. before restructuring. Currently, we are focusing on the cultivation of grey and white oyster mushroom as well as making of mycelium biomaterial from our farm waste for packaging purpose. Through this patent pending technology, we are able to produce greener and more sustainable mushroom products at lower cost.

FungiTech Sdn. Bhd. now operates its cultivation plant, together with research laboratory, head-office and sales office from the township of Juru, Penang, Malaysia. Due to expanding demand from Klang Valley area in Malaysia, as well as Singapore, we are preparing to move our main plant to middle part of Peninsular Malaysia soon.


Even though our company is still comparatively new, but we are heading to the right path progressively. In future, we believe our company will transform into a company which is competitive, productive and innovative. Quality is what FungiTech Sdn. Bhd. is all about: quality people, quality products, quality mushrooms – and always, quality service. It is our vision and mission to become a mycelium biotechnology company of international repute. We want to supply highest quality of edible and medicinal mushrooms in organic and affordable way, as well as turning mushroom farm waste into mushroom packaging products which is 100% chemical-free and biodegradable. By doing this, we are able to provide lowest cost for our customers through innovative and revolutionary ways. Our upcoming research and development will be emphasise on the making of cultured meat with mushroom mycelium.

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